I am currently an instructor for the Advanced Sequencing Technologies & Applications course at CSHL. I also instruct workshops on RNA-seq analysis for the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops (CBW) series. I have helped created an online wiki resource at github for demonstrating RNA sequence analysis on the cloud ( I am also active on the Biostars bioinformatics forum. I have guest lectured for Special Topics in Molecular Genetics: Molecular Basis of Cancer (BIO5288), Genetics and Genomics of Disease (BIO5487) and Human Linkage and Association (M21-5483/L41-5483) at Washington University School of Medicine. In the past I have also been a TA for the 'Genomics' and 'Informatics on High Throughput Sequencing Data' courses at CBW. I was a TA for Genome Analysis (MEDG505) and the bioinformatics section of Advanced Human Molecular Genetics (MEDG520) and a guest instructor for Cell Biology For Biomedical Engineering Graduate Students (APSC552), Cell and Organismal Biology (BIOL111) and Cell Biology (BIOL200) at UBC. In the past I have offered services as a tutor for high school and university students.